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I have recently been trying to get my head around the Aircraft Catalog and help sort out the bad listings that no longer work or are incorrect. I really love Aviatife and want to help out and give back somehow.

This post got me started:

After finding missing aircraft, which I have added a few, several others have wrong or updated specs or no longer work. I seem to be chasing my tail not knowing whether to create new ones and request the old ones be deleted or what?

Yesterday I created a DC-3 Cargo version that didn’t exist. Today I noticed the Payload Stations changed from 9 to 11 after I installed the undiscovered “DC-3 Improvement Update”. So, this one probably won’t work after it gets voted in, as unfortunately I can’t see if that parameter is correct.

May I suggest that the user that submits a plane for Moderation has the authority to delete it. It would also help in the case that a user finds the specs are wrong after submitting so it won’t have to sit there until voted in, then edited.

Since the Payload Stations property seems to change frequently should it not be considered to verify match?

Sorry for the rambling, just things I’m trying to figure out… any help will be appreciated!