[1.2.0] Whoa there, Maverick after clicking Finish the flight

After landing and parking my plane, I clicked Finish the flight - then I got this Maverick error.

I updated the client today to 1.2.0.
Got the Maverick error twice out of my last three flights.
The flight that didn’t fail was a cargo mission, and the other two were passenger missions.

Hope this helps - kinda frustrating.

I’m having this on roughly 2 out of 3 flights. Just stops tracking at some point and refuses to accept the flight is complete.

Does it only occur with Passenger or also with Cargo? Maybe just Passenger is broken, cause i had the issue so far just with Passenger.

In my last flight I had the same issue. I though it was because I also had momentary energy interruption putting down my internet so I switched to my smartphone router. 1h later I wasn’t able t9 finish the flight because there was no button. I retarted the client and refreshed the flight page several times. Eventually the Finish button was enabled. Being unable to score the job would have been very frustrating after a 4n’half hour flight.

For me the Finish the flight button was clickable. I got the error after that.