747-8 Intercontinental Max Weight

Simulator max takeoff weight is registering as 975,000 and aviatife says it is supposed to 987,000. I’m wondering if the new update in Beta is changing the weight.

Unable to start flight with this issue.

As current, cannot use 747.

Yes, it might be because of Beta.
I have flown the 747-8 yesterday just fine, current values for both standard 747-8 and also the Salty Simulations version are 987.000, as expected by Aviatife.

Appreciate the info on the Standard vs BETA. I noticed another update today, maybe it got switched again. ASOBO and MSFT did a decent job on the 787 and 747, it works much better than prior.

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Glad to hear it!
I remember flying the 747-8 for the first time 6 months ago and I had many troubles back then… I had to go back to A320 as 747-8 was not reliable enough for me.
The other day I tried it again because I needed to make a very heavy cargo flight (160k+ lbs) over a long distance (SKRG-LFPG, 9 hours flight!).
I flew it very carefully and had no trouble all flight :slight_smile:

I have been running the 787, but had issues with the autopilot not keeping altitude and many other issues, enrolled into getting the beta updates for the update to it and the improvements were drastic. Can’t speak for the 747, just figured I would upgrade to that and it didn’t work so well for me.

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