747 economics not viable

There seems to be no viable jobs to fly for the 747. Unless there is a way to unlock higher passenger counts, high 300’s is best I ever find. It could be the profit margin is just razor thin, but it appears by my math, with the best paying jobs I can find, you’d be lucky to break even.

You can always transport goods for a long distance by a better cost than with smaller planes.

Cargo versus passengers isn’t the problem. The problem is the 747 costs so much to operate most of the jobs are unprofitable, whether cargo or passengers. Occasionally I find a short haul route that is profitable, but It seems most of the highest tiered paying jobs don’t scale high enough to offset four to six hours of rental fees at around 80,000 per hour. Add in Fuel costs and insurance and the jobs don’t pay enough to break even, or just barely do.

I am suggesting possibly adding an additional tier of jobs with a passenger count 400+ / cargo amount suitable for the 747 and suitable reward.

Rewards should scale with the monetary risk. 747 is one of the most expensive planes, but as is, you’re one blown tire away from losing money on any job.

Here is an example, best job available at JFK - Transport 389 passengers 7213nm. Reward is: $731,723.06

at 500 knots groundspeed enroute time is 14.5 hours, call it 15 hours for taxiing takeoff etc. At 80,000$ per flight hour, the rental fees alone are 1.2 million dollars for a job paying 730k, never mind fuel and insurance.