Admin Assistance with New Account

I have had issues getting started. Initially, I started with Aviatife with no idea about the service and figured I would learn as I go. I started a VA with you with $100. I sound found that my only option was to rent. Didn’t want that so my only option was to delete my account and started another VA with $1M capitol. Before I flew my first mission, I got an email message from Aviatife that reference videos. From watching the first and second video I found I could start with $100 but “Quick” start to get going so had to delete my account again in as much as I could find no “Restart” Option, and restarted the new account at ID19, which is a small airport in northern Idaho. Turns out that MSFS has placed the airport ID19 out in the middle of trees nowhere near the runway so I can’t fly flights from there. So I deleted my account again with the thought of starting in Troy, Montana, 57S. But NOW it appears that I can no longer access the sight to start my account. I am sorry to say, but this could be avoided if you simply had a “Reset” option from the start. Could you please fix this so I can get my account going properly? I would appreciate it.