Aircraft unification - help wanted [v1.7.2.a010be6]

We have it! A new version has been released with a long-awaited feature of aircraft unification. That means we don’t need separately added modded versions of aircraft. Stock aircraft and their modded version are treated in the “Aircraft catalog” as the same aircraft. Modded versions still need to be added, but from now on you can assign “Base aircraft”. Hence, a single “Aircraft catalog” entry passes validation for every variation of an aircraft - stock and modded. Of course, we need to prepare current data and assign stock aircraft to modifications, therefore, I’m looking for help.

I’m looking for 2-3 moderators willing to clean Aviatife aircraft database and maintain it up to date. What needs to be done at the beginning:

  • Assign modded versions of aircraft to their corresponding stock versions.
  • Update aircraft names - some of them have, for example, registration numbers or developer names. Some have missing manufacturer names (before the model name).
  • Update outdated and not valid aircraft specification data.

To become a moderator you must be a well-recognizable (by me :smiley: ) community member of Aviatife. If you want to help and have some spare time - please let me know in this thread. Thanks!


Hey Szymon ! Thanks for the work; we actually discussed with Travisani Airlines quite a lot about ideas and improvements for Aviatife, he already shared you a buglist :slight_smile: I am down to help you with the Aircraft !

Im am also down for helping with this.
I lover Aviatife, so anything i can give back and help you Szymon im up for.

I would love to help with this project. I’ve been around for a bit and anything else that I can do to help, I’m more than willing to!

I would also be willing to do this! Would this involve using some sort of prebuilt moderation tool or modifying database of some sort?