Aviatife client starts flight even if there is a resume flight option

I have a small bug (well time wise it a big one for me :wink: ).
I had a crash 4 hours in a 4.5 hours flight (my misstage - i pressed ALT F4 instead of ALT + 4 ), and restarting teh flight it clearly said that i had a old data.
Good I thought.
Restarted everything.
But when i connected the Aviatife client it started the flight immediately without my having to start/resume the flight in the website.
And as I did not have clicked in the “Resume the flight” I got a new flight at the starting place.
I think i read somewhere back that when you have a “resume flight” option the aviatife client should NOT start the flight automatically.
But apparently it does now.

Added it to bug tracker