Aviatife is great!

I make this post to thank Szymon for this wonderful add-on to MSFS: Aviatife is great! :star_struck:

There is a vast complexity behind Aviatife and yet the system appears simple to use and beautiful :slight_smile:
It is really full of features, from the flight management (payloads, fuel, failures, renting, buy, buy with financing), to the airport system (tiers, runway characteristics, weather, transfer system), job system (searchedable, automatic, different job types tied to skills, popularity&reputation), to the market system (list of commodities, buildings for productions, shops, trade offers).
And this is just a sample of features, I didn’t even start listing the courier jobs, the regular routes, etc, etc…

I am really impressed by all the work put on this software, it is probably the best single-man made software that I’ve ever seen :+1:

Other MSFS career add-ons do not reach this level, or at least this is what I gathered (I didn’t play them, I was lucky enough to choose Aviatife right at the start of my MSFS career a few months ago).

All in all, what I want to say is: THANK YOU Szymon! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:


Gonna have to agree as well. I haven’t played MSFS for a long time whatsoever and was starting to get bored pretty quickly without having objectives or things to really do. Kinda just flying and exploring without a purpose I guess. I had been looking for some sort of career add-on that would spice things up and nothing even comes close to Aviatife.

Like you said the complexity is unreal. Glad to have found this when I did and i have been recommending it to my friends who also play MSFS.

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here is one more to say THANKS YOU SO MUCH - Szymon!
I was doing some flying in MSFS but it did not catch on.
Was looking at other career add-on and there was allways some problem with them taht did not fit with my play style.
The big bonus i think with Aviatife is that it all controled from the web, so i can plan my fligth in the slow times on work and start flying when i get home.
:wave: :wave: :wave: :+1: :+1: :pray:

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Completely agree. This has been a game changer for MSFS. I am on console and I could not find anything close to this to enhance my gameplay. Great job Szymon.

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I started playing today and I am loving it already. I came back to MSFS after about 9 years. Back then I loved FsPassengers and FSEconomy. A few days ago I 3 great planes: ATR73 Hans Hartman, Cessna 414AW Simworks and K100 Kodiak. After getting back my flying skills I finally started the search for a “career” add-on. FSEconomy is installed and today I started Aviatife. I’m enjoying it and I can’t wait to be able to fly my beloved planes.

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I’m back, after a year-long break spent in the FSEconomy world. I now have a PA-24 Comanche from A2A with incredible realism and immersion, including persistent state, and I am looking for something that would penalize me for crashing the plane instead of just canceling the flight.

NeoFly v4 is great but it is single-player. I heard OnAir has improved since I tried it 3 years ago (time flies), but I don’t fly consistently so a monthly subscription doesn’t suit me, especially when the lowest rate is available only with a 2-year commitment.

So, I ventured back here and took a flight. Everything went smoothly. Will spend some time checking what has changed here while I was away, but for now the one thing I noticed is an abundance of airplanes at the airports. If I recall correctly, Aviatif always had lots of planes everywhere, but for some reason, it feels like it is a mess. For example, I arrived at PACV, and it has 18 Zenith 701s, 23 Grasshoppers and 25 of various Wilgas not counting numerous other aircraft! The list is so long and there is no filter!

Plenty to choose from is also good, but maybe add some filters for name, condition, and availability for example?