Bank savings account

A rough idea on bank savings account, hear me out and add suggestions that go along the idea!

I would like to suggest a bank savings account that generates intrest every month.
If its even and all possible i suggest the ability to create more savings accounts. To save up for a rainy day. With money that gets distributed to the savings account by a pre determind peecentage as in the example below.

As in real life i have multiple piggy banks for various events in life. I would like the same ingame.

For example my suggestion for my personal distribution in savings accounts:

Main saving account (45% of revenue)
Main repairs and fuel (15% of revenue)
plane A, 100h insepction, maintenance,… (10% of revenue)
plane B, 100h insepction, maintenance,… (10% of revenue)

Emergency repair and fuel (5% of revenue) (and a option to hide this account so its set and forget for a truely rainy day)

Checkride savings (5% of revenue)
Airport fob, building, business etc (10% of revenue)

So if i earn 100$ on a mission it get split up by my own distrubution key as seen above.