Bug Reports: Formatting Suggestions

I just had a thought on possibly organizing bug reports so we (as a community) can better categorize bugs that we may come across.

My thought process behind this is that, if we can label things dependent on how severe they are, we can keep everyone informed and prevent duplicate forum posts. If we can label whether a workaround for the bug has been discovered or not, it can help people mitigate the effects a bug may have until it can be addressed.

So here are my suggestions:

Minor Bug - Bugs that don’t actually prevent a player from doing a given action. These bugs may or may not be able to be replicated.
If a bug has a workaround, it should be considered minor, barring extreme circumstances.
Some Examples:

  • Visual Errors
  • Ranking page not updating information
  • Incorrect Runway information.

Major Bugs - Bugs that happen frequently and / or prevent a player from doing an action but don’t prevent a player from utilizing Aviatife’s core features. This includes bugs that result in the loss of items (panes, cargo, fuel, etc).
Some examples:

  • A few jobs are created that are impossible to complete. (Cargo weight grossly over payload capacity)
  • Live map not displaying flights.
  • Aircraft voting not working
  • Actions that result in assets being lost in ‘limbo.’ This includes losing time, money, tokens, planes, etc, when the action should logically not result in the loss of said asset.

Critical Bugs - This could include anything that prevents a player from being able to access, modify, or use a core Aviatife feature.
Some examples:

  • Not being able to access the ‘Fleet’ page.
  • Client tokens not working correctly.
  • No jobs being listed in the Jobs page.
  • Not being able to load fuel into planes.
  • Any exploit that effects the economy.

I think formatting the body of the bug report doesn’t matter, so long as the author is able to provide a step-by-step instruction on how they came across the bug. (If needed.)

I think the title of the bugs should look something like this.
[Major / Minor / Critical] - [Name of Feature Effected] is [Not Working / Incorrect / Description]

“Critical - Login Button is Missing”
“Minor - Flight lengths are all 10+ longer than actual distance.”
“Major - Generate Flight Plan Button is Missing”


Fully agree - this is a very good sugestion

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