Commodity production line in France - lots of business and cargo flights for all!

Commodity Production line in France!

(TL;DR Fly to France, buy and sell from warehouses and make a lot of money with cargo flights! )

Dear Captains,
I am glad to announce that the basis for a production line in France has been established.
Through this production line I would like to give everyone an opportunity to easily get into the community business, either by flying cargo or creating other production buildings that use this line.

The production line is based around 3 Warehouses in France:

  • LFPG (Chemical)
  • LFOP (Agriculture)
  • LFOK (Food processing)

To keep the production line going, pilots willing to make cargo flights are needed to:

  1. Fly Fertilizer from LFPG to LFOP
  2. Fly Wheat from LFOP to LFOK
  3. Fly Fodder from LFOK to LFOP
  4. Fly Chicken and Cattle from LFOP to LFOK
  5. Fly Biowaste from LFOK to LFPG

I will keep the following prices° at the Warehouses:
- Buy Biowaste @ 320
- Sell Fertilizer @ 140
- Buy Fertilizer @ 203
- Buy Fodder @ 288
- Sell Wheat @ 105
- Sell Chicken @ 130
- Sell Cattle @ 24000
- Buy Wheat @ 165
- Buy Chicken @ 189
- Buy Cattle @ 40000
- Sell Biowaste @ 100
- Sell Fodder @ 225
- Sell Poultry @ 83
- Sell Beef @ 178
- Sell Leather @ 220

° prices here do not include the 1% provision for the warehouse

Profitability of Cargo Flights:

  1. Buy Fertilizer @ 140, Fly 58 nm from LFPG to LFOP, Sell @ 203 (+45%)
  2. Buy Wheat @ 105, Fly 124 nm from LFOP to LFOK, Sell @ 165 (+57%)
  3. Buy Fodder @ 225, Fly 124 nm from LFOK to LFOP, Sell @ 288 (+28%)
  4. Buy Chicken @ 130, Fly 124 from LFOP to LFOK, Sell @ 189 (+45%)
  5. Buy Cattle @ 24000, Fly 124 nm from LFOP to LFOK, Sell @ 40000 (+66%)
  6. Buy Biowaste @ 100, Fly 67 nm from LFOK to LFPG, Sell @ 320 (+220%)

As you can see, profitability is very high!

And you can also:
7) Buy leather, to make shoes or to sell it to a warehouse of someone that makes shoes
8) Buy Poultry or Beef to sell them in Shops around the country or elsewhere (+50% at standard prices)

Note on buy prices: on Aviatife there is currently no way to put “buy orders” in Warehouses so you won’t see them when you sell your transported good (but the feature has been requested in the community forum: Buy orders at warehouses - #2 by TravisaniAirlines).
However, I will check these warehouses daily, so if you put anything on sale at the prices listed above or below (e.g. Fodder at 288 on LFOP) I will buy it :slight_smile:

I hope to see many flights over France in the next days and a lot of commodity trades! :slight_smile:


First flights happening, already 160k worth of commodities exchanged! :slight_smile:


Is there any limit on quantity? I just got money to rent a 737 and would be great to stuff it with commodities!


In general, there are no limits, as long as the production line keeps moving, we can scale the quantities as high as we want (scaling up might require some time though).

I think current sale orders on the warehouses are less than what a 737 / A320 can carry, but I will scale the quantities so that they can be filled :slight_smile:

It is probably already useful to use a 737 since some quantities are very big for smaller planes (i.e. I think LFOP has currently 50k lbs of goods to be moved to LFOK).

LFPG is also currently well stocked, it has 6000 units of Fertilizer to be moved to LFOP (that’s more than 100.000 lbs!)