Corporations - crash course


The market feature is one of the most complicated pieces of Aviatife. We first need to clarify this feature NEEDS DIRECT COOPERATION WITH OTHER USERS. To run your production lines, you need products from other users. Every airline is limited to exactly ONE industry. So, if you rent a chicken farm, you cannot rent a slaughterhouse, fertilizer factory or any other building from an industry other than “Agriculture”.

Also, please be aware that this feature is in its early stages. Some adjustments are expected to balance it around other features. Some airports have unused industries (like technology and medical). Buildings for these industries will be implemented later.


To start your first production line, go to the “Business” section and click “Rent a new building”. You will see quite impressive list of buildings to rent. We are interested in buildings listed in the” Farm” and “Production” section.

Every building has industry requirements. Airports have assigned one specific industry. You can check the airport’s industry on the airports’ list and its profile page. You can also search for an airport with a particular industry by clicking the “Click here to search” link, which is located right after the information on what industry is needed for a specific building.

Please remember! Some farm buildings need a specific temperature range. So, don’t cultivate grapes in Siberia. :wink: If the temperature is lower or higher than required, crops’ quality will be lowered. And that’s important because the final product’s quality depends on the ingredients’ quality. And lower quality final product means lower sale price in the shop.

After you rent your first building, you can start your production. You need to employ your first employee. Click on the “Employees” button. (It’s on the right side, on the building list.) From there, you can hire employees. Please remember that their “Skills” affect a product’s quality.

Please remember! To limit multiple stacks of the same product but different quality, products can have six quality values (100%, 80%, 60%, 40%, 20% and 0%).

The number of employees determines the production rate. Every employee increases it by one. Also, the base production rate is based on how long the production line is going, and for every ten days, it is increased by one, up to five. So, if your production lines were created 50 days ago, you will get the maximum production rate (5x). And that’s multiplied by the number of employees. (Four employees means 20x the production rate in that case.)

An important note about the production is that employees work only between 6 AM to 6 PM local time. (You can check the current local time on the building list.)

As mentioned at the beginning - you need, let’s call it - “ingredients” to run your production line. Let’s assume that we rented “Chickens farm”. We need 40 units of fodder to produce 150 units of chicken, 120 units of eggs and 12 units of biowaste. Some production lines output products per hour, some per day. Chickens farm produces its products once per day. So, at 6 PM, production ends for a particular day, and you get your products in the “Owned commodities”.

What can you do with products? Sell them to other players. A bakery, for example, needs eggs to produce cakes. Chickens can be sold to a slaughterhouse. Biowaste is required to produce fertilizer, so fertilizer factory owners will be interested in that product. And that fertilizer is needed by the wheat farm owner, and they produce wheat which can be transformed into fodder in a fodder factory. Yes, fodder that you ultimately need. So, as you can see - every business depends on each other. To stimulate the economy, every new building gets a starter pack which contains products needed for one day of running the production line. After that, you must buy and sell products to/from other players.

Of course, you need to transport all these products between airports. Because it’s all about, right? :smiley:


Every player can rent a warehouse. It’s a special building type where every player can put their products for sale. Other players can buy these products from there. The warehouse owner gets a provision, which they set. (0-10%)

Trade offers

Besides, warehouse players can make trade offers directly. To make an offer, you need to click on “Offer a trade” and prepare the offer. You can add money transfer and product ownership transfer clauses. You can see all your trade offers in the “Trade offers” section.


Shops are places where products are sold to virtual customers. You can rent three different kinds of shops. The difference between them is storage space. Shop owners can set a price for a specific product, and sales are based on the quality, price and popularity of the airline in the country where the shop is opened.


And when you thought it could not be more complicated… let me introduce customs. :smiley: If you need to transport goods to a different country, you must plan a flight from the airport with customs. And these are the biggest airport in a given country. (They have aqua-coloured badges.)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here!

So every Airline can have only one industry type, but at Business Registry I’ve seen several Airlines with different industry buildings.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yes, you can have only one industry type, which can be “Agriculture”, “Food processing”, “Chemical”, or “Clothing”. You can see in the “Rent a building” page to which industry type each building belongs.
Some buildings such as Street Vendors or FBO have no industry type because anyone can have them without restrictions.

I haven’t seen anyone with buildings from more than one industry type in the registry, but if you found them please report them to me, there might be a bug.