[Critical] Multiple sells per hour

Shops usually sell their products once per hour, exactly “on the hour” (e.g. at 11:00).
However, it seems there is a bug that can trigger multiple sells per hour.

It happened like this (tested three times):

  • One of the commodities in one of the many shops I have rented, was set to a lower price than MSRP, specifically it was Poultry at 104.4 [Note: I sold other products at lower price, like some Grapes at 0% and 10% quality at very low prices and this didn’t happen, so being lower than MSRP is not an universal trigger of the bug. Poultry at 104.4 was simply the price and product with which I encounted the bug, but it seems to be a combination that can replicate the bug again - as I used it to confirm the bug two more times]
  • Initially nothing happened (i.e. you had to wait to be “on the hour”)
  • The usuall sell on the hour happened, but some of the shops did not sell, including the one with the “bugged price”.
  • After the usual sell on the hour, every few minutes (around 10 maybe, not sure if it was always the same amount) there was again a round of selling of the same shops (but never from the shops that did not sell the first time).
    This continued apparently forever, every few minutes, making some of the shops selll multiple times per hour and some shops not sell at all.
  • Setting a good price for the poultry (e.g. MSRP or higher) seemed to stop the sequence with one final sell from all shops.

It seemed as if the “selling routine” visited each shop in sequence, sold the product, then came to the shop with the “bugged price”, gave an error and stopped. However, as the routine was not completed, every few minutes it was automatically resumed, only to stop again at that point, so selling multiple times from the not-bugged-shops.

Indeed, while writing this I set the “bugged price” on SKSV to confirm the bug and no shop sold on 1/21/2023 9:00 AM Zulu (I suppose SKSV was the first of the shops to be visited by the selling routine).
I then set the correct price, and a few minutes later, at 9:14 AM, all shops sold again normally.

Note: bug added to backlog.

Thanks for the report. I fixed this and the fix will be released soon.