Expansion Idea: Illegal Activies

So, this is about to be a lot of information, so I am going to do my best to organize this as best as possible.

Illegal Production Buildings.
The Premise:
So, I’m thinking it would be interesting to have the ability to create illegal goods with certain production buildings. You would then be able to sell these illicit good for a higher profit than normal. These buildings could have an associated “risk” or “heat” factor to them, that determines how likely the building is to be raided buy law enforcement. The more you transport goods in and out in a short period of time, the more likely it is to be raided.

I think it would also be interesting if you could also store illicit goods inside of warehouses that you or another player own. I think it would also be interesting if the owner of the warehouses could work out deals with players to use a portion of the warehouse to store their goods. I think it would also make sense to have the warehouses gain “risk”, but at a much slower rate.

Now this is where I am torn on the idea and where I think there are three different directions I think we could go.

  1. Illegal items could just be cheaper version of legal items. We could think of this as counterfeit items, Knock off items, maybe even legal tinder. The profit from these items would come from being able to sell them at regular prices but produce them for far, far less.

  2. Illegal items that are actually illegal. “Cleaning Powder”, “Toy Guns”, “Fireworks”, “Candy”. You get it. These items could just be treated like they already are. Except I think it would be interesting to be able to take these items to wherever you want, but adjust the risk associated with how nice an airport you are flying to. Small airstrips with no ATC, no lights, and no nav aids, being the lowest risk landing / storage sites. international Airports having the highest risk - with a catch. *I’ll get more into that a bit later.

3: Have both illegal options be viable. Allow players to both produce counterfeit items and/or produce illegal items and simply sell them outright.

I think its important that the ability to store illegal items would be very interesting. It would add a new layer of depth to Aviatife that no other career add-on has (at least I think). It would further separate Aviatife as THE career add-on and provide a freedom in HOW you choose to play it.

Balancing Ideas
So, if you are reading this far, I’m going to assume this sounds like something that might actually interest you, or you might have some questions about how this could / should be balanced so it doesn’t break the games economy or game play so the only option is to play as a criminal cause it is the most profitable.

So, here are a few various ideas, in no particular order, that I think could be implemented to allow my proposed illegal activity “expansion.” This list also has a couple of option to make the system better as well. Just in case it needs to be buffed vs nerfed.

  • Anytime a player’s plane plane crashes with illegal cargo on board, it may be destroyed, dependent on the type of cargo it is. Things made out of metal like toy guns having a higher chance of being recovered, and things like money, “oregano”, cleaning supplies, being more likely to be destroyed in the crash.

  • The closer a crash is to an airport, the more likely you are to be penalized for having illegal items on board.

  • Player’s who warehouses get raided and have illegal items in those warehouses are fined based on how much illegal items are found. The illegal items are taken away, building lost, and any future flights the player goes on are “being watched” and have a much higher likelihood of being inspected and bring a associated heat level to any location they store items at whether they are transporting illegal goods or not.

  • Once counterfeit items are at their appropriate store, they should no longer be able to be taken, or caught. (At this point they are in the storefront and it should be assumed that no one can distinguish them from the real deal.)

  • if the player is caught transporting passengers AND illegal items, they should suffer a severe reputation penalty.

  • Players should avoid having warehouses raided by moving the items to warehouses outside of the country, region, or area.
    An example: Warehouse A is located in Canada and has a heat level of 80% that is full of illegal goods.
    The player also owns 3 other warehouses.

  1. Warehouse B - Also located in Canada and roughly 60nm away. Bringing all the good here will bring the heat level at Warehouse B to 70% (assuming it was at 0)
  2. Warehouse C - Across the Border into the US, Located Somewhere in Kansas. Bringing the illegal goods here will bring the heat at Warehouse C to 40%. (assuming it was at 0)
  3. Warehouse D - Located on a small runway in Mexico, bringing the illegal good here will bring the heat level at Warehouse D to 5%. (assuming it was at 0)
  • Raids on warehouse’s without illegal goods should lower the heat level of the warehouse to 0, but raise the heat of nearby warehouses somewhere between 5-15 percent, depending on distance, capping at roughly 200nm.

I don’t think anything i suggest here should be set in stone, but I think it would be a very cool expansion to Aviatife. Also, I don’t know if I’m the only one who likes to head cannon single-player games, but if you do, this would be absolutely INSANE.

I don’t know if I’m able to edit posts after I’ve posted them, but if I am, I’ll try to revise this post and add/change things depending on the replies (if any.)

If I can’t edit this post… well I guess now I look stupid.