Finishing supply job leaves en empty line in Owned comodities

When you finish a supply job, a line for that product with 0 items is being left in Owned comodities section

Also if you crash a plane with an item onboard, that item never gets removed from Owned comodities page. F.e. have crashed CJ4 F-HDJ yesterday, but still see items loaded on that plane in Owned comodities. Even though that plane doesnt exist anymore.


In general I would say the Owned comodities section needs a bit of love.

F.e. another not per se a Bug, but a lets say missed feature is the abitily to simply delete not needed stuff to clear up the list. I have done a couple of Passenger jobs at the beginning and thats how the top of my Owned comodities page looks now:

Right now the only way to clear this up is to go to each airfield again and pick it up… which is a bit crazy (and Im not even sure I can pick up 0 units). Would be great if I could just delete it (lets say against a fine that would be approriate to the size of the comodity, that would represent something like a recyclation fee).

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I’d like to enter a vote for this to be fixed as well :slight_smile:

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You can, If you have at least 1 identical Item on board in same quality, unload it, then it is stacked with the 0 on the Airport. Load it back on the Aircraft, then the 0 line should be gone.
By far not ideal, but it is a way to clear things up.
A possibility to simply delete the items would be great of course.

Or just don’t show items with 0 counts on that screen.

I also noticed that items on a crashed plane show forever on this screen too.

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It’s a Wall if Shane… it can be erased after a while!
I decided to learn how cut trees in airport scenery becausw if it. :rofl: