Friendly large category planes

I am very new to Aviatife. I’ve been flying the King Air 350i and having a blast. I want to move into the ‘Large’ category planes next and not sure about which one to start with. They seem a bit more complicated then the medium ones.

Suggestions welcome.

Glad to see the forms back!!
Thank you.

Hi @YarZor !
after the King Air 350i I moved to the CJ4.
The biggest changes that I noticed when moving from King Air 350 were:

  • being a jet, CJ4 achieves very fast climbs, e.g. 6000 feet/min after takeoff (a nice change!)
  • the displays (PFD and the others) which are different from G1000 of previous aircrafts and more like the “big boys” (Heavies). In particular, there is no terrain view with perspective, only a top down view of terrain altitudes with colors to show if your getting too low.

As for the rest, the logic is similar (NAV, HDG, ALT, FLC, etc).

The CJ4 has also detents (preset levels for thrust on the thrust lever) but no autothrust, so you will still find yourself regulating thrust manually like previous planes.

I reccomend installing the Working Title Cessna CJ4 Citation mod, which improves the plane.

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Thanks for the great info! I’ve been watching CJ4 videos, and had some successful landings with it in MSFS. Time to get a few missions done with it.

I felt like I was just getting used to the G1000. :frowning: But from the videos, the new systems are way better, I just have to learn them.

Expensive to rent compared the the 350i. Having a similar payload, but can travel much further. The best fit for this aircraft would be longer nm missions?

I downloaded the mod, thank you. I didn’t realize a lot of the mods/planes are free. Thank you to the community.

Job wise, the King Air 350i is really… a King!
If I recall correctly you can easily expect like a $5000 profit per hour of flying in King Air.

CJ4 is a lot more expensive, but it is way faster with a slight better payload.
In general, somewhat longer flights are better since the enhanced speed will matter more - but not necessarily (some jobs may be more lucrative even if shorter).
You will have to be more careful in selecting jobs, since the high renting expense means that some job earn less than King Air or are even unprofitable.
It can earn more than what King Air does (e.g.10k per hour on some jobs iirc), but it requires careful selection of jobs.

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Hello YarZor,

few month ago I did a little excel document calculating the operating costs of few aircrafts.
Aircraft database will be updated so I’ll have to update my table but this can already help you :slight_smile: Hondajet has G3000 avionics (very similar to G1000) and is like a CJ4, but cheaper !

Have fun

I’m aiming to get to the Cessna Citation Longitude for myself, but I whent and bought a TBM 930 first.
To be able not to pay rental fees and to change it to only freight made a very good middle way for my and I’m half way up to getting enougth cash to buy a Longitude now.
So if you like to take it a bit sloer i would sugest to buy a TBM 930 first to be able to earn the money for a Large plane.

btw - do you know what the costs for Cessna Citation Longitude are?

And one more think i like more on the Cessna Citation Logintude is that the avionics is more like the tbm930. But its a bit bigger and more costly.