Fuel Burn - minus pph

There is a possible bug regarding average fuel burn calculation, or possibly hacked numbers, 13th march 2024, there are two airlines that show minus numbers in their average fuel burn under rankings.

How having more fuel when you land, then when you took off works, I don’t know.

I appreciate the effort to highlight this issue and I wanted to share my insights on this matter, as I’ve encountered a similar situation myself.

The core of the issue lies in the game client’s occasional inability to accurately update fuel and payload figures for certain addon aircraft, including the PMDG 737-800 in my case. Before taking off, it becomes necessary to manually adjust these parameters to align with the expected values for a given flight. Failing to do so means the aircraft might depart with default fuel and cargo loads, which can often exceed the anticipated amounts. Consequently, by the time the aircraft lands, it still carries more fuel than Aviatife had expected to begin with, leading to the appearance of negative fuel consumption.

This discrepancy seems to stem from challenges in synchronizing fuel and payload data across all addon aircraft effectively. While this is understandably a complex aspect to manage within the simulation, it does suggest an area for potential improvement, particularly in how such anomalies impact competitive elements like daily awards.

Given the implications for the “Greta’s Best Friend Award” (awarded for the lowest average fuel burn), I propose that flights displaying negative fuel burn be excluded from this rankings. This adjustment could help maintain the integrity of the competition and ensure that awards commend genuine efficiency and skill in flight management.

Also worth mentioning that flights ending with more fuel than anticipated effectively reduce operational costs for those players, as they seemingly bypass the need to purchase fuel. This unfairly lowers the cost of flying, skewing competition and rewards towards those benefiting from this anomaly.

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Just did a test with a A2A Piper PA-24-250 Comanche, and it has the same issue, used -12.92 kg of fuel for a flight from Gatwick (EGKK) to Birmingham (EGBB), in 52 min 38sec.

Seams like aircraft with advanced fueling systems have issues with the current Aviatife system for fuel logging. It’s pretty much impossible to have the fuel load the same on Aviatife as in sim.

Thankfully the site doesn’t log minus fuel usage in the Greta’s Best Friend Award. though it is possible to get 0 fuel usage, wonder if it would be possible to try and setup a fixed lowest fuel usage possible pr aircraft, or at least for aircraft that have the known “bug”.

Thankfully the site doesn’t log minus fuel usage in the Greta’s Best Friend Award

I am pretty sure it does. I have seen negative results in there a couple of times.

Yea, I could have worded it a bit better. It seams like it’s no longer doing it, unless it’s simply a coincidence, since for the past two days, the average fuel burn has been in the plus range, though currently it’s at 0 pph, with Verona Airways as the leader.

Sadly it’s not fixed, AROKI.E.S with a impressive -3956 pph