Fuel left at an airport

What happens to fuel that is downloaded from an aircraft. For instance, I had to download some fuel to put cargo on an aircraft. When I go to reload it, it only appears as cargo. I would think that there whould be an option to fill the tank with it or sell it but I cannot see that. Any help is appreciated.

It shows as though its cargo but if you move your aircraft’s fuel slider as if you’re refueling then it will first take the fuel you left behind previously. Example: You previously left 200lbs of fuel at the current airfield. You want to add 500lb fuel to your plane. Move the aircraft’s fuel slider to add 500lb fuel. What will happen is your 200lb fuel will disappear and you pay for the extra 300lb and 500lb total gets added into your plane.


Okay, thank you very much.

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I thought this was a neat aspect because in the real world, if you buy fuel and have to defuel, the fuel taken off your plane is considered contaminated. This means the fuelers can’t turn around and use this fuel on another plane unless that plane belongs to you. It’s more or less a safety thing.