I feel like passengers jobs are too limited

For instance, in EYVI, if I want to fly shorter trip (250-500 nm), only possible options are 1-10 passengers. Only one pax job is 88 people.
Normally, I like to fly not only small pax jobs, but use my Boeing 737 as well.

I think, we need more pax jobs

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Regional flights with high pax count should depend on distance and airport size.

Yeah I do aggree it would be cool to see PAX system rebalanced from regional level upwards.

Ideally, from regeonal level and above, the current job system that is fixed get exactly X number of PAX from A to B, should be replaced with some sort of a demand system.

So f.e. there could be a weekly demand to get lets say 1000 people from Berlin to Paris (or respective airports). Each passenger buys a ticket for 100e (whatever, I guess should be distance related), you can take as many as you like per flight, as long as there is a demand. So you can take an ATR and board 70 PAX, fly them and get 70000 payed. Or you can take a Boeing and take 400 and get 400 000.

Demand could be higher between the biggest airports, so it should be profitable to flight the biggest planes there. And could be lower between smaller aiports.

Maybe even demand could be synced accross all players. So players would compete to get the most profitable routes… Maybe that could somehow depend on you airline reputation/popularity, so there is a point to grind it.