Loans and Financing

I can’t help but feel like the current state Aviatife financials is just fly jobs, accrue money slowly. I feel like you should be able to finance aircraft!

I should be able to negotiate a loan on an aircraft, put a down payment, and pay off the aircraft as I fly jobs. For example, instead of grinding for ~$5k to start renting a mediocre aircraft, you could get financing for a $100k-300k aircraft to get your company off the ground.

The balance would come from the need to pay off these loans and also battle against interest rates. You could implement a credit score mechanic which makes getting good loans hard with bad credit, but making good payments helps build good credit.

This could also go in hand with a better insurance implementation, with the need to make monthly insurance payments. Perhaps the ability to acquire insurance would effect your approval to buy an aircraft?

You can actually buy a airplane with a finance option.
You have to have 30% of the price to be able to do that, and you pay off the"loan" in weekly instalments (48 of them i think). And yes you can pay early also.