Locked out of account for SEVEN HOURS on 2 hour flight

Did a flight with a pause of several hours as family had arrived. Went back unpaused to complete the flight just a small hop from EKKA to EDDF, actual flight time under two hours.

Now locked out of account for 7 hours. Thats rediculous under any circumstances, I suggest what ever CALCULATION is used for this is utterly broken.

So a good chunk of the weekend I set asside to play, is just gone.

Hi @Leonscape ,
sorry to hear that. It has happened to me a few times as well, being locked out after a flight as I had used accelerated time while I hadn’t.
I didn’t realize the problem was using pauses during flights.
Indeed the calculatation is wrong if pauses result into accelerated flight and being locked out.
There’s a new Beta Aviatife client being worked on (announced on Discord server), hopefully the new release will fix this problem.

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