[Major] Winery & Bakery produce all their outputs regardless of production line selection

Both Bakery and Winery have two possible outputs and a manage button to choose which production line is active (Bread or Cakes for Bakery, Wine or Champagne for Winery).
Selecting a production line correctly changes the info in the building page, showing the amount of input required for the selected product and the amount of output.
However, when it is time to produce (i.e. every hour during opening hours), the Bakery will produce both bread and cakes, using both the amounts indicated for producing bread and the amounts for producing cake: in 1 hour a Bakery at 1x effiency will use both 40 flour and 25 flour plus 6 egges to produce 60 breads and 20 cakes.
The same happens for the winery, which ouputs both wine and champagne.

Note: added to backlog.

Thanks! This has been fixed and will be released soon.