[Minor] - Miltary Destinations are Charging $0 fees?

When landing at a military controlled airport, you seemingly are always charged a $0 fee for landing. I have see this in the finances after accidentally landing without permission in one instance. I have also seen this when getting clearance to land in another.

That’s because you are not supposed to go there :smiley:
Infact, transfer is disabled for Military Airports, you can’t transport your aircraft there.

You can land on them and there are actually jobs generated that required you to go there.
However, even when you have a job that requires you to go there, the finance page will say that you landed without written permission and that you have to pay a penalty of… 0$ (zero dollars).
It’s weird, indeed!


This has been fixed. Now it’s not added to the financial statement if you have a job there.Thank you!