[Minor] Runway lengths in nautical miles

Since the new update, runway lenghts and widths in the airport profile page are listed using nautical miles.
E.g. on LFPG profile:
The Longest / the widest runway
2.28 nm / 0.02 nm

While this is not entirely wrong, the usual unit for runway length is either meters or feet, not nautical miles.
Having them displayed as nautical miles makes it difficult to compare them to known values, e.g. King Air 350i Specifications, Cabin Dimensions, Performance

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Moderation Note - Added to Backlog

+1 on this request. This is my first post as I’m new here, but this is a great add on and look forward to continuing to use it, however, it’s difficult to use it when I’m not 100% sure of the runway length.

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