[Minor] - VA Improvements / bugs


so I tryed some stuff with the Aviatife’s VA system. Overall looks good, however I have found bugs and I have suggestions !


-In VA>Offer a contract, when offering a shareholder contract, new employee will receive his part of the money at the end of the day even if he did not accept the contract.


-Add a contract where employee receives a % of the income generated by the job he did.

-Create an Airline profile page or a pilot profile page.
I tryed to find pilots through the livemap in Aviatife’s main page (where it figures the airline’s name) but I’m not able to contact pilots directly through Aviatife’s message system (need the pilot’s name iso airline’s name). It could be interesting to have an Airline list + page where it figures out the owner name, then have a pilot profile with for exemple the flight time done, how much flights he did, landing, last contractor, crash amount in the last 30 days etc…

-Ability to modifiy a current contract without cancelling it then making a new offer.


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Also, if you could please move the part of your post with those awesome suggestions to the “feature request” topic. I really like those suggestions and don’t want them to be inadvertently lost.