Refuelling buys too much fuel and dumps it at the airport

I had 19972 (about 20k) fuel on board.

Then I moved the slider to refuel to 29766 (so I added about 10k of fuel)

After hitting “update” the fuel is loaded and there’s an additional 6k of fuel dumped at the airport.

Checking my balance refuelling delivered about 16k (instead of 10k) fuel …

This happens with the Boeing 737-600 … haven’t flown any other plane in the past, but it wasn’t there from the beginning, so might apply to all planes.
On the other hand, no one else seem to have this issue or doesn’t report it :wink:

Let me know, if I can test anything more on the issue!

I’ve never had this bug and it’s showing to me today. It wasn´t yesterday. :rage: