Rental bug - Annual inspection on the Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan

Every 208 B available for rent requires an annual inspection 3 months ago.

I rented one not noticing this and I cant afford the inspection cost :confused:

Yea, it’s not only the 208B, there are a fair bit of other aircraft with the same bug. Making it pretty much impossible to fly them, since Aviatife doesn’t permit you to fly with a un-inspected aircraft, forcing us to pay a extra fee to have the aircraft moved to a airport that has the facilities to do the inspection, unless it’s rented at such an airport.

Indeed, its a little annoying.
However there is a tedious workaround : rent the plane of your choice → check the inspection due date. If in the past, “End rent” → you get your money back → rent again the same EXACT airplane → tadaaaa, the new “next annual inspection” is now in the future and you can use the plane.