Reorganization of Navagation Bar

So the more I use the website, the more I realize I have yet to really still get a hold on where certain tabs / pages are. I think that maybe some changes could be made to help with the navigation of the website ,and to make it a bit more intuitive to new users (and maybe some older ones.)

Please keep in mind that this is all just my opinion and you might like the way things are, and that’s okay too.

Also most of these changes just require moving some stuff around, not actually creating new things.

The Navigation Bar

  • Remove the “Client” button. - I think this should be moved somewhere where it is always visible. Kinda displayed the same as aviatokens and cash. It should be blurred until clicked on.

  • Dissolve the COMPANY button - A lot of the menus withing the COMPANY screen would be better placed somewhere else entirely.
    – Popularity and Advertising can be moved o the BUSINESS screen.
    – Change Password, Edit Profile, Difficulty Settings, Units, and Reset / Remove can be moved to the Dashboard.
    – Skills and the Aviatokens Shop could either be moved to there own link, moved to the pilots profile, or simply only accessible by clicking on the Aviatokens button on the top right.

  • Remove or Rename the FLIGHTS button - I think it might make more sense to move the logbook as a submenu of the FLEET page. The live map could be turned into its own navigation button, or moved to the dashboard.

  • Combine RANKINGS and THE LEAGUE - I don’t know if much has to be said about this one. Its basically two scenes so see two different leaderboards. I would make the Leauge another submenu of ‘Rankings’ but make it the default menu that opens.

  • Rename the VA to something more descriptive? - I don’t really have a strong feeling about this one.

The finished result would look much cleaner and leave room for new things to be added to the nav bar in the future. Here is what it would look like. (With a few experimental changes I haven’t listed here.

Clean right?

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