Resuming flights is considered as using accelerated time (sometimes)

When some flights are resumed, sometimes Aviatife says accelerated time has been used (and locks your pilot for X hours), even if it has not.

I didn´t get at destination early enough to have lights at runway. So I landed at a nearby alternate. I changed the simulator clock then decided to resume my flight. It doesn’t work. We should be able to resume the job if we land at an intermediate airfield within the job deadline limit.

I wonder if I am unable to do it just because I’m doing the quick jobs… :thinking:

The normal way to do a stopover at an alternative is to land, finish the flight and then start a new flight.
Never tried it with Quick jobs, but done it several times with normal ones. And there it works.

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I noticed that quick jobs can’t be interrupted. I tried the resume feature and got a crash logged in my history. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:.
Living and learning, I’m about to have enough money to rent my addons.
BTW, is there any limitattion on which planes I can rent based on my rank?

No - planes is only based on money. The only think i know of is that you have to have “Second officer” rank to vote in the moderation hub.

I’ve just seen that Hazardous flights requires First Office rank.