Rolling News Ticker

Definitely smaller than my other request :joy:

Would be cool to just have a 2000s-esque scrolling news ticker that lets you see the activity happening.

  • Someone buys / rents a building.
  • Someone hit the ground too hard and their plane broke apart like a Lego construction.
  • A player landed somewhere.
  • A new company was created.
  • Someone is streaming Aviatife? (Twitch integration?)
  • Someone has gone bankrupt.

No real reason for this, but it would definitely be neat. Would (in my opinion) increase the feeling that Aviatife, although a single player experience, is still a community.

…plus it would be funny to see if someone crashes :joy:.


Nice, I like it! :partying_face:
I can see the ticker rolling above the black menu strip.
It would be nice to have the ticker rendering the events with some fancy phrases to spice them up.

I agree! At the very least it would be funny and interesting to see other peoples activities. Especially if they have some quips to go along with them.

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