Show jobs for not owned planes

It would be nice to select a plane that you dont own in the dropdown when loking at jobs.
Im planing to move up from my TBM930 to a Cessna Citation Logintude, and it would be evern so nice to see what jobs are avaliable for it.
As I’m also mostly flying cargo, it would be very nice to select a plane configured for just cargo and no passenger.

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And as you now implemented “Collections” this is another place where you can use it, So allow us to select another plane from the collenctions list in the dropdown for planes in the jobb selection screen would be nice.


If you select “Show all” in that drop-down menu, It will show you all available jobs out of that airport that fit your type and distance selections. Also, all rented planes are configured for passengers. You can only configure planes that you own for cargo. Even so, most planes will run out of lift long before they run out of space.

Yes - i know i can select and show all, but i would like to be able to only see jobs that would fit a Cessna longitude, not everything else. Even if I don’t own it yet.

Note: feature request added to backlog.

You could “rent” it and then select for Jobs Available. When finished viewing, cancel rental and no penalty or rent is due. Warning, sometimes a small airport fee will apply (if not on a military base).