Staff, AI chats, VIP jobs and more! [v.]

A new version of Aviatife has been released, containing an enormous amount of 60,000 source code line changes. Some of you called it „Aviatife 2.0” before the release, but I would say it’s „Aviatife 1.5”. Many new features have been implemented. Due to the nature of this release, some new bugs could be implemented also. :wink:


A new type of employee has been added - totally virtual. From now on, you need at least one co-pilot and flight attendant to fly aircraft from the medium (and bigger) category. If you have AirAI points (more on this below!) you can chat with them and negotiate contracts. This feature uses AI (GPT-4 model) and works pretty well! You can also hire them in a traditional form - by clicking a button. You can also chat with your passengers (in basic light and basic category aircraft) and co-pilots (in every aircraft category). In the future, I plan to implement some basic commands like setting autopilot variables during flight by a co-pilot. As for now, you cannot use co-pilots to fly your flights. (It was previously announced on the Discord server, but I decided to not implement it yet.)

SkyElite / AirAI points

SkyElite is a new feature that implements a premium account on Aviatife. It enables access to additional options and adds some cosmetic changes (gold nickname with icon! ;)). AIrAI points are used to chat with the staff mentioned above. 1 message costs 1 AirAI point. AI models are quite expensive. Those points have been implemented to cover these costs. Aviatife context is pretty big to make a believable experience, therefore the cost of one message (on the OpenAI side) is pretty high.

Custom jobs

You can now create a custom job that can be fulfilled by other airlines. You can transport cargo, passengers (without any perks like VIP etc.) and company commodities. You can set a deadline and a money reward. This option is a part of the SkyElite subscription.

Offer products on board

You can now offer some products (edible, drinkable) on board. This is another way to sell products produced by factories. A list of sellable products is available in the „Products catalog”.

VIP jobs

SkyElite members have now access to a new type of mission - transporting VIPs. From CEOs to musicians. This type of mission needs an owned aircraft from the medium+ category - which one? That depends on VIP passenger preference. Some want King Air 350i, some Airbus. This type of mission has its own „reputation” system which is based on your landings. Landing below 150 FPM will increase it while landing above 150 FPM will decrease it. The higher your reputation - the more jobs you will have, and the higher the money reward will be. At 100% you can get as much as $1,5m / job.

New menu/header

Aviatife has grown in the last 2 years since its initial release. The previous menu was overloaded already and I decided to make it dropdown. I know that at first, it will be difficult to adapt, but yeah… fingers crossed. :smiley:

There were also additional fixes implemented in this release, but not much. The next version will focus on fixing bugs.