Starting money to low

I just reset my profile and I have a start amount of $100, so how am I supposed to take on a job when every single renting bond is higher than $100 ?
Did I miss something so you can take out a loan when just starting ?

Never mind, I missed quick jobs, it’s been so long since I played.

Feel free to delete this post, or keep it up for new players to see.

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I’ve restarted my company due to a ATR crash without insurance. The crash was at those big trees that grows at rwy axis in some small airports. I didn´t think it was fair but… this is simulated life!
Lessons learned:

  1. If runway is short for you plane, check obstacles at rwy axis before setting up a flight, specially at night. Sometimes the lights pass through trees and you don´t realize they are there. Sometime if you are a little off the ramp is enough to hit trees


  2. Beware of what can cause you plane to crash. I lost a KODIAK 100 because I opened the window in flight.

  3. Only buy aircraft when you’re sure about it’s limitations on MTOW for rwy length. Rental bond and insurance is much cheaper than loosing the whole plane.

  4. Don’t be shy to go around. Some planes are hard to land depending on wind conditions and turbulance, mainly small ones.