Supply jobs, aircraft search box [v1.11.0]

:rocket: Get Ready for Aviatife’s Awesome Updates! :flight_departure:

:factory: Introducing Supply Jobs for Corporations Hey there, corporate trailblazers! I’ve got a game-changer for you – Supply jobs. It’s like the black market, minus the risky business. You’re safe to fly above 1000 ft AGL. Start cranking out cool stuff in factories and deliver it to clients. Your payday depends on how mint the cargo is. Let’s make those corporate dreams take off!

:globe_with_meridians: Turning Trash into Cash with Passenger Waste Who knew being eco-friendly could pay off? Even if you’re not a business buff with fancy buildings, your passenger trips now generate biowaste you can trade with other airlines. Green flying, green earning – cha-ching!

:satellite: ATC Gets Real, Seriously Cool We’re leveling up the realism! When you’re in a swanky medium+ aircraft, ATC will drop your flight number. Rocking something smaller? Your tail number’s the star. Get ready for some next-level air traffic chatter!

:mag: Unveiling the Super Search in the “Catalog” Check out our snazzy new “Catalog” search box. Finding your next aircraft is as easy as typing – I even added a slick “is” keyword to up your search game. It’s like magic for plane enthusiasts! (Look at the bottom of the “Catalog” page to see details!)

:bug: Glitch Fixes and Tweaks for a Smoother Ride I’ve wiped out those pesky bugs. Now illegal jobs pay right for every unit. Speaking of units, I brought back the “Units settings” in the menu, just for you. And oops, I accidentally put the black market behind a premium account lock – my bad! It’s wide open for everyone now.