Supply jobs and Shop sells are bugged in Corporation

We’re in a 5 people corporation and all supply jobs I’ve tried with goods produced by others don’t work. I’m also having issues on selling items. I don’t want do extensive tests because I don’t want to loose more virtual money, but it shall be adressed.

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Did quite some testing, and it works if you either produce the goods yourself or buy it directly from a warehouse (might be your own warehouse as well, put it for sale and buy it back).
However, this does not look like it works as intended, but what is really intended is nowhere explained.

  • if corporation members produce goods you cannot use them directly
  • if you enter a corporation, goods produced before - see above
  • if you produce goods on your own you can use them
  • if you buy goods from any warehouse you can use them
    Not sure yet, but it looks like the same for selling those goods in stores.
    Some kind of tutorial to find out how corporations work (and actually how they “should” work) would be highly appreciated, because for now, I have no idea what is actually a bug and what is an intended feature.