The League format changed, some QoL improvements [v1.8.1]

Hello! I’ve just released some quality-of-life changes that I hope you’ll find helpful:

  • I’ve changed the League system to be daily ranked instead of monthly. This makes it more dynamic and gives everyone a fair chance, regardless of when they start. Plus, until the end of August, winners of each category will receive 1 day of SkyElite and 5 AirAi Points.
  • I’ve updated aircraft validation to allow for a 5% margin of error. This means that if your aircraft’s cruise speed falls between 95 and 105 ktas (instead of exactly 100 ktas), validation will still pass.
  • I’ve made some improvements to the flight page to make it more compact and easier to navigate.
  • You’ll be happy to know that your flight setup preferences (like insurance and sickness bags) will now be saved between flights. You won’t have to worry about re-selecting those options every time you plan a new flight. Plus, your chosen staff will also be saved.
  • If your aircraft payload doesn’t include any passengers, the option to buy sickness bags and in-flight meals will be hidden.

In other news, I’m currently working on rewriting the Aviatife client. I have some exciting new features in the works that will require changes to the client code. Stay tuned for updates in a few weeks!