The new client version, first part of the "audio update"

Check out the exciting updates I’ve made to Aviatife:

  • There is a mod called " SkyElite ", and I discovered that a bit too late, but… to keep things simple, I’ve renamed the premium account to… well, Premium Account! :partying_face:
  • Say goodbye to the old client – it was the weakest link in Aviatife. I’ve rolled up my sleeves and rewritten it completely from scratch. Brace yourself for a slew of thrilling new features! :sweat_smile:
  • Feel the pulse of the game with the addition of chat message audio from your co-pilot and passengers. Stay connected and enable this feature in the client to fully immerse yourself! :ear:
  • Prepare to be briefed by ground services with an audio message detailing your payload. The skies just got a whole lot more informative. :construction_worker_man:
  • Embrace the flexibility of VIP jobs! You can now take on these exciting new missions using any large or heavy aircraft. Remember, clients still have their preferences, but you’re free to fulfil them and earn a dazzling +10 % popularity score bonus. :sunglasses:
  • Say farewell to unit conversion chaos for runway dimensions! Whether you’re into feet or other units, runway length and width are now consistently displayed in feet. :flight_arrival:
  • There will be no more awkward silences during AI chats! We’ve fixed that pesky bug where a message didn’t pop up when your AirAI points ran low. Let the conversations flow! :disappointed_relieved:
  • Release your grip on unnecessary building rent stress – the bug preventing cancellation has been resolved. :chart_with_downwards_trend:
  • Countless financing deals await, now with a typo-free description! :moneybag:
  • It’s smooth sailing ahead with the job page loading issue. I’ve squashed the bug that led to a 500 error when the aircraft lacked passenger seats. Pack your bags and get ready for takeoff! :luggage:
  • There are no more ghost flights! We’ve fixed the bug that caused flights to finish without any payload. Cross the finish line with cargo to spare! :checkered_flag:
  • We’ve strengthened our backend and client services by integrating new tools such as Sentry and Google Analytics. :male_detective:
  • Our revamped algorithm unleashes the power of streamlined courier job generation. I’ve also freed up this task in its queue, ensuring that other tasks stay on track. Innovation at its finest! :bulb:
  • Fly without worry! The issue of encountering a 500 error when creating a delegated job without selecting a payload has been resolved. Lift off hassle-free! :point_up_2:
  • The witching hour shall trouble you no more! We’ve tackled the bug that caused a midnight-induced 500 error for the first visitor of the day. Smooth skies all day long! :full_moon:
  • Lockouts are gone! Staff members will no longer be locked out when restarting flights or in other edge cases. Your team is ready to roll at all times! :lock:
  • The passenger count conundrum is solved! For aircraft with 12 or more passenger seats and all within the large and heavy category, one co-pilot and three flight attendants will not be counted towards the passenger total. Time to make room for more passengers! :woman_pilot:
  • Streamlined for clarity! We’ve bid farewell to the old „VIP” job perk, preventing any confusion with the shiny new VIP missions. Get ready for a new level of VIP treatment! :star_struck:

I have been running the Client Beta for a couple days without issue. The guys on ground services sometimes yell in the microphone a bit too loud though. This IS exciting seeing Aviatife mature!

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