Travel can be payed by Monay+Aviatokens instead of a Money+Realtime-Lock

I had a pretty hard time travelling between my day-by-day plane, our industry location in the U.S. and the other industry we were tearing down in Columbia.
I understand that time compression is followed by a Realtime-Lock to play fair.
Travelling has a Realtime-Lock now to simulate the Real World. But it doesn’t adds anything to gameplay. There’s no good reason to prevent people from flying a plane in Europe and then moving over to Canada to fly some jobs with another plane.
Realtime-Lockout feels like being punished - but for what? We already pay money to get there which is fine.
So if there’s any reason to prevent people from moving around all the time it would be great addition that in case of an “urgent siutation” (like helping a guy out moving 12 cows to the slaugtherhouse) we can travel by paying money and Aviatokens instead of being blocked from flying.

Thanks for consideration!

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