Unable to reset airline

I’m trying to reset my company and it doesn’t work. I always get a “404 like” error.

My steps:

  • Go to Airline>Reset/delete account
  • Fill in my password
  • Select the “Leave my flight history…” checkbox
  • I click on the button “Permanently, without…, reset my progress”
  • Then it loads a “Hey Maverick!” error page.

Then my money resets to 100, but when I refresh the page or go to the leaderboard, my money goes back to the previous amount. I didn’t lose my leased aircraft or my reputation, so I assume it didn’t work.

I’m very new at Aviatife and I made the mistake of hiring a pilot unnecessarily, so I fired him and was fined -17,000. Now I have negative money and wanted to start over to remove the debt.