Unit conversion system and user aircraft collections [v1.6.0.8788aef]

Unit system conversion

This feature has been already announced on Discord but it’s worth mentioning it here too. A new unit conversion system has been added to Aviatife. You can now choose between numerous unit systems for weight, space, height and distance. So, if you like to measure distance in kilometres (or bananas) you can do it now!

Aircraft collections

Users can now add aircraft to their collections. At this moment, collections are used only in quick jobs. Aviatife will generate quick jobs with the default aircraft set and those added to the user’s collection. You can add stock aircraft too. So, for example, if you own the Premium Deluxe version of Microsoft Flight Simulator and want Cirrus SR22 included in quick jobs (which is not included by default), you just add it to the collection and voila! You will get quick jobs with SR22 set as an aircraft. Please remember that only aircraft from basic light and light categories are eligible for quick jobs.

Other changes

  • Added a new difficulty setting that disables crash detection validation. If you like to fly with crash detection disabled you can now disable it on Aviatife. Please be aware that will exclude you from The League and leaderboards. (Like any other enabled difficulty setting.)
  • Forums (as you can see! :D) are restored. Unfortunately, previous data has been lost. Sorry for that!
  • Fixed link to the Corporations crash course. (Fortunately, I had a copy of this guide in my notes!)