Wrong color of the airport

Hey, I found a bug in one airport. Exactly, it’s about LIJV Aviosuperficie Torraccia San Marino.
The airport is light blue in color suggesting it is the largest airport. And it’s a grass airfield, no lights or ILS

I’m not sure but I think the Blue Colour means that its the main airport in the region and has a Custom Office, and San Marino is its own country so it might be confused there, as its the only Airport in the “country”

At the bottom of the Jobs Market page:

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I’ll go ahead and add this juuuust in case.

I agree with @GlarsNZ , it is not really a bug in the sense that Blue indicates largest airports of a country… and LIJV is among the biggest airports for the small country of San Marino (not sure if it has other airports actually).
On the other hand, it can be very misleading as usually the Blue airports are better than Dark green airports, which have ILS, lights and a hard surface runway.

As a side note, Blue airports (including LIJV) have also the Custom House (which only matters when exporting commodities).