Wrong payload weights

Hallo, i have recently discovered aviatife and now checking it out. I find cool sofar, but there is one thing I have noticed. With the client connected and in the sim, it sets fuel and station weights accordingly. However the weights are wrong. Not matching the payload weight on aviatife website for this particular flight. It is much less then it should be. For instance payload weight for one passenger on aviatife 170 lb. But in the sim it sets weight for each passenger 50 lb. Same with cargo. Its weight is also reduced when loaded into the plane in the sim. I have tested yet with milviz pc-6, blackbird bonanza turbo, blackbird analogue baron. With all these planes it sets less cargo then it should be. I haven’t yet tested with standard planes, so perhaps its a bug specific to blackbird/milviz products? Anyone else has this too?

I never count on client to set the weight. I usually set the payload by hand and the fuel is set by the client. Some planes, like PMDG I set everything.